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Any business needs a strong online presence for it to strive and reach new audiences that usually can’t be reached directly in person. This goal however, is easier said than done. Reaching out to new prospects online requires your site to have enough reputation for them to wholefully put their trust on you and your services. And the best way to solve this problem is by providing your site with good and relevant content about your business.

Building your reputation can be done using these proven online marketing strategies:

5 Ways to Build Reputation

1.) Blogging


This is imperative for getting the needed content for your site. It is the surest way to build your authority. Setting up a blog section on your site would make your audience and clients understand your services and products better. Another important note is that you need to be consistent. Blogging should be done on a regular basis with only short intervals per month – you can do it on a daily basis if possible.

You’re not constrained to blog on your site only so try to do some guest blogging on other sites as well. Aim for sites that allow contributions from outside sources and spread the word about your business there. Build Reputation is very important.

2.) Social Media

Build Reputation - Social Media

Social media is already around for a while now but after Facebook and Twitter arrived, they completely turned social media into a symbol of online connectivity. Don’t miss this opportunity – ride the flow and build your reputation by sharing posts and articles about your business via social media. And don’t forget to include links on those posts so that people reading them can easily redirect to your site. That way, you’re making your business known and at the same time accumulate more traffic for your site.

3.) SEO

Build Reputation - SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is the backbone of your site. You need to work on this too if you want top the rankings on your search keywords. And if you top the rankings on Google, then your site would be more visible for everyone. Posting your articles on other sites, blogging, the social media accounts connected to your site, the amount of backlinks and more – all of those are taken into account and results into your current SEO ranking and ultimately factors into how much online presence your site gets.

The mechanics of SEO is an ever changing one. One method of increasing it might not be applicable anymore in the near future. You might need the help of experts in this field or use services such as HubSpot’s Marketing Grader to get a good grasp on your situation. Nevertheless, do try to take time in understanding it as it will greatly affect the future of your site.

4.) Email Listings and Lead Generation

Build Reputation - Email Listings and Lead Generation

These two enables you to make contact with your audience in a more direct way, making it one of your most important methods of building the reputation of your business online. Though sending email subscriptions and the like are pretty outdated in this age, it’s still pretty efficient unlike mass mailing everyone – that would produce a negative result in your reputation instead. Send those emails only to the people who have subscribed on your site.

Leads are those people who would contact you because they genuinely like the product or service your offering – or at the very least interested in it. To generate possible leads, one of the best methods would be to use a contact form on your site. Audiences that are interested can use this and you on the other hand will need to list down their contact emails as they can become valuable prospects in the near future. You could also try generating it via social media.

5.) Mobile Marketing

Build Reputation - Mobile Marketing

With the newest mobile phones released on the market, one would be able to connect to the Internet no matter where he or she is. This is another opportunity for you to further increase the reputation of your site – by making it available for mobile phone access. Multiple website platforms like WordPress already allow this feature so there’s really no excuse for you not to take action. Once you’ve done that, your site will be visible for everyone connected to the net, no matter what device they’re using. f Top Local Business Directories

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