Despite offices giving the right environment for people to want to work and not do something else, there are some who would prefer a lax working environment compared to one that features fixed working shifts and lunch breaks. For people who would prefer the latter, renting a co-working space is the best option for them. Now, what are these co-working space and how exactly do they help one do more on their work?


Co-working space are in stark contrast when compared to traditional offices. Whereas these offices make you work 9 am to 5 pm shifts, coworking spaces lets you decide when you want to work. It gives one a sense of freedom that they can’t get while working in cubicle within their office. Aside from that, coworking spaces are designed in a way that promotes collaboration with other people.

People can work in large tables, sharing them with others and participate in collaboration events hosted by the management of the coworking space.

What You Need to Bring on a Coworking Space

Aside from your laptop (which is a must), you can bring your other gadgets that you’ll be using for your work – bring their cords and chargers as well. Don’t forget to being headphones (preferably noise cancelling headphones). They will come in handy especially if you don’t want others to disturb you while you work – this could get pretty common if you’re working on a table with others on it. You can also use that the other way around – if you’re the type of person to listen to music as they work.

Choosing a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces come in all forms and sizes, which means it can’t always cater to the needs of everyone. Choosing the right coworking space depends on your personal preferences as well as whether you’re working alone or with your company. As said above, there are coworking spaces with large tables where everyone can sit down together. This is practically good for groups of people who want to work as a pack or for people who want to mingle with others.

There are also coworking spaces with divided areas or those with private and closed cubicles which are perfect for anyone who wants to work alone, undisturbed by external sources. Some coworking spaces also sport large halls and meeting rooms. These can be used for team assemblies or as a venue for events.

Other Features

Coworking spaces are notorious for giving their tenants and guests alike some freebies as it’s another way to promote and efficient working environment as well as the establishment itself – nobody can hate free coffee during their worktimes, no? They may have cafes, snack bars, lounges or all of those for them. The tenants can use these rooms as they take a break. These places make an excellent environment to start a conversation with someone as well.


Renting a coworking space is pretty affordable compared to renting a traditional office space. The rates are usually pretty affordable and most would even accept walk-in tenants. This makes co-working spaces an excellent place for startups as they can flexibly adjust their costs when they want to increase office space – in traditional ones, you’re stuck with the space you have, whether you like it or not and leasing contracts usually last for years and requires a huge sum of money.


Co-working space are the perfect solution for VAs, entrepreneurs and other workers who want to work in their own pace and time. These working establishments are also great for startups and for people who want to meet new people for more business opportunities. So, if you a more comfortable working schedule or you simply want to experience being your own boss, try working in a coworking space – you won’t regret it.

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