Do you have any idea working on a Coworking Spaces? Cebu Coworking Spaces are here. Working under a corporation is indeed one of the things people get by today, but there are just some people who want to pave their own road and try out their luck in the business world by starting one themselves. However, working at home might not be as good as one might have imagined it to be. He or she might not like the home ambiance when working or that he or she doesn’t want to work alone despite being their own bosses.

So here’s the question – how can one enjoy working professionally in one’s own startup while being in the presence of others?

The answer is quite simple – rent a coworking space. Coworking spaces are spaces built to accommodate the needs of start-up entrepreneurs, small corporations and the like. By renting one, you won’t need to worry about building an office of your own as you’ll have one complete with amenities like internet connection. Think of it like a hotel – it’s an organization that seeks to provide you with the space as well as comfort of being in your own corporate atmosphere.

Cebu Coworking spaces are particularly rare. Here are two to take note of.


2nd Flr, Hyundai Bldg, A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City, Cebu

Coworking Space in Cebu

This place is regarded as the first co-working space here in Cebu. It features a funky and casual look that will make its occupants feel like they just entered a cafe. There are no walls separating each one so you can find a mixture of people from different workplaces at the same time.

It is a given that this place has a strong Wi-Fi connection – that’s the first basic requirement. It also offers a cafe zone, functional desks, great lighting, a lounge area and Italian coffee – yes, who wouldn’t want coffee? Locatio63 also hosts entrepreneurial events like startup sessions and tech workshops. The place is great not just in work related issues but also in meeting people who share the same ideas you have and just chill out.

Global Hub

12F Keppel Center, Cebu Business Park Cebu City

Coworking Space in Cebu

This place has a more corporate feeling to it compared to the aforementioned one. The office rooms are separated though it also features shared rooms and a conference room. There’s also the Executive Suite that rolls these rooms into one plus more.

Global Hub is placed in a good strategic position as it sits in one of Cebu’s business districts. And being placed on the 12th floor gives one a very good view of the city as well. It offers free WiFi, as you would expect, and is complete with other necessities like electricity, water and air-conditioning.

If you want to incline on a more professional look and give your work that kind of image, then this place is perfect for you. It will definitely give your and your business the right image and put it one step closer to being a success.

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As Cebu keeps on growing, the number of these facilities will also grow. So long as entrepreneurial people exist, so will they. And they will continue to provide them with the services they need.

Have you been into these places? Do we missed some Cebu Coworking Spaces? Comment here below and let us know.

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