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Digital Marketing for Real Estate


With a very large number of people using the internet and most of them preferring to use it first rather than go to a real estate agent, having an online presence gives real estate brokers a definite edge over their competitors that don’t have one. Integrating digital marketing into your real estate business will make it easier for everyone to find you and what you are selling as well.

There are various things you need to know about digital marketing. By learning it from the professionals themselves, you can make sure that you can properly integrate it to your ongoing marketing strategies for your real estate business. That is why you are invited to this exclusive boot camp that will teach you how you can use digital marketing to the fullest and use it to promote your real estate business.

Target Audience

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Those who aspire to be real estate agents and those who are already in the said industry are welcome to join. Whether you are a broker, appraiser, consultant or salesperson, this boot camp is for you. Website developers who want to hone their skills at making websites for their future real estate business clients can also join this event as well.

Seminar-Workshop Outline

This whole-day event will have the following schedule.

Morning Session

  • Online Business model for Real Estate Selling

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Quoting what Ashwinder Raj Singh, a reputed real estate marketing expert, said, “both buyers and sellers start their real estate journeys online,” you need to learn the know-hows of doing business behind your keyboard. People are treating the internet as a trusted medium and you need to put utilize that to your advantage.

  • Tools and Services every Real Estate Professional must Know

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Digital marketing is not limited to techniques and methods. Various tools like Google Webmaster and Analytics can determine factors that will affect your digital marketing campaigns and strategies. There are various others and this part will tell you all that.

  • Rules of Engagement in Advertising Online in Reference to the Real Estate Service Act

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  • Generating Traffic, Leads, Inquiries from Search Engine Results

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Showing up on search engine results should be one of your main priorities in digital marketing. You can do that by learning various search engine optimization methods and a lot more.

  • Educate: Creating a Website and Blog focused on Buyer Needs

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Another thing that can draw people into your business website is content. You need to supply it with content that your viewers will find interesting. Put something that will make them visit the site again, or better, start a business transaction with you.

Afternoon Session

  • Internet Advertising – Process Flow in Marketing Online

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Pay per click and search engine marketing are two of the main marketing methods that will put your business website on the spotlight. One on various relevant websites and the other on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. By advertising your business online, you can reach out to a lot of people faster.

  • Customer Relationship Management

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Building trust with your clients is imperative if you want to increase our online presence. Learning how to do it right will be the difference to a confirmed sale and one that isn’t.

  • Build Relationship with Email Marketing

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Email marketing might be an old and spammy idea to others, but only when it’s done wrong. When your viewers subscribe to your newsletters, send them something interesting and avoid being too salesy.

  • Social Media Marketing

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Building your online presence also applies to social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These various social media are also great tools for sharing your content online and as such, they’re considered promotional tools as well.

  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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