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What is Technopreneurship?


My preparation for my talk in the 1st Software Freedom Day last Saturday at University of San Carlos was a reflection point in my life about technopreneurship. Not that I am not intimately familiar with the word but because Iwas to immersed with the application rather than the studies and theories.

The challenge as a speaker of the event proved to be an informal refresher course on my Technopreneurship journey for the past three years.


“Technology is always evolving, and companies, not just search companies, can’t be afraid to take advantage of change.”-Eric Schimdt

In the most obvious way, technopreneurship is what you get when you unite “entrepreneurship” with “technology”. This is not just the effect of technology on businesses but rather the process where progression in the lives of the people happens. It is the process of using the developments brought about by specialized knowledge to come up with innovations in all the aspects of human life with the aid of a creative and skillful mind. Birth of this field provides every entrepreneur a challenge of exploring an untraveled path towards greater success.

In this generation, one factor that greatly influences the lives of people is technology. Everything under the sun must cope up with the changes created by this shape-shifting factor, even the businesses. Whether they see these developments as a challenge to surpass or as an opportunity to expand their venture, they just can’t eliminate the fact that they should ride along with its trends.

Technopreneurship defined

Obviously, the term technopreneurship was coined from the words “technology” and “entrepreneurship”. It was first used in the year 1987 but gained popularity due to the wide use of the internet during the second millennium. There are various definitions of that word, depending on the individual giving meaning to it. From the most technical to the most sentimental and even the weirdest definition of the term, you have it all.

Technopreneurship can be defined as follows:

Integration of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship

“Act of turning “something” into a resource of high value by converting good ideas into business ventures that relies heavily on the application of human knowledge for practical purposes. “

“Entrepreneurship in the field of technology.”

“Process of engineering the future of an individual, an organization or a nation.”

“Application of the newest inventions and advancements in coming out with new and innovative products through the process of dissemination.”

“Manufacturing of hi-tech products or making use of hi technology to deliver product to consumers.”

“Exhaustive use of technology in making profit.”

Some people might just describe the word by simply stating names of famous people like Steve Jobs of Apple Inc., Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and other well known technopreneurs out there. Sometimes, by just merely saying their names, people will understand more the concept and meaning of technopreneurship.

Attending events that hone technopreneurship, like Startup Weekend, is a great avenue.


Technopreneurship at Large

image source: mortamicedianne.wordpress.com

Mass media and internet are the main contributing factors for the popularity of technopreneurship. Websites here and there, new models of cell phones, laptops and tablet PC’s everywhere, it is evident in every place you go, in every website you are visiting, and in every channel you are watching.

We cannot deny the fact that this field is engrossing the whole business community. A lot of popular industries of today are changing their strategies just to comply with the needs of it. Man’s nature to seek for innovations and developments added to the pressure of changing what is traditional.

Technopreneurship is now the trend; businesses that adjust are businesses that survive.

Thanks to the  following links you can visit Scribd reference 1Scribd reference 2, Issi.upd.edu.ph, and CNNportal.org, for giving me ample resources to begin my research on Technopreneurship.

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